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Nows the time! (to find out what size bike do I need)

January 24, 2012
How's the weather where you are? If you answered miserable, then I agree, it's raining in Sacramento. Good in general, bad for riding…

However, that makes it a great opportunity to determine what size bike do I need? If you need some help, cruise on over to my site and use the calculator to help you find out what kind of bike should I buy?

See you soon!
– Skippy


Update – New Calculator in Process

January 6, 2012
So here's the plan for the what size bike do i need blog. I've been working on the second calculator. The first, what kind of bike should I buy, has been working well, so now it's time to release the what size bike do i need calculator. It's a little more involved because it needs to include different types of bikes, ie…mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, cyclocross bikes, etc. So it's a work in progress…should release it soon. In the meantime, try out the what kind of bike should I buy calculator. See ya!
– Skippy