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How to measure a bike frame – terms

October 31, 2011
Do you think it's useful knowing how to measure a bike frame when determining what size bike do I need? Seems like it would be!!! I've just updated my post. Somehow I had it in my mind that ETT stood for elapsed top tube, silly me, it's actually effective top tube. I knew that, really, I did!!! 😉

What Size Bike Do I Need for My Child

October 29, 2011
Regarding What Size Bike Do I Need for my child:

children bike sizes: 12", 16", 20" or 24"

source: qid: 20070607103417AALTOSu

– Skippy

How to Measure a Bike Frame – Wheel Size

October 29, 2011
A note regarding How to Measure a Bike Frame; may seem obvious to most, yet:

frame measurement should not be mistaken for wheel size and vice versa.

– Skippy

Measure a Bike Frame – Geometry

October 29, 2011
Researching for What Size Bike Do I Need and found this:

The length of the tubes, and the angles at which they are attached define a frame geometry.

from wikipedia website. Great!

– Skippy

Great Bike Fit Quote!

October 29, 2011
While thinking about comfort regarding what size bike do I need, I wanted to record a nice quote; it was something to the effect of:

If your bike is not comfortable for you to ride, you are not going to enjoy it.

Simple yet profound. A keeper.

– Skippy

Welcome to my What Size Bike Do I Need Blog!

October 26, 2011

Welcome to my what size bike do I need WordPress blog! I’d like to share some bike sizing information, along with other cycling tidbits, that I’ve found useful, and hopefully you will enjoy them too.

Maybe I’ll get around to doing some talk about how to measure a bike frame, maybe I’ll get a wild hair and whip up a bike size chart or bike frame size guide, but likely this will just be some random cycling ramblings of an over-worked and under-rested person with bikes on the brain.

Sound familiar? Then please bookmark this site or the rss feed and check back often or leave a comment to say hello. Tanks for stopping by and reading, sincerely,

– Skippy