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What Kind of Bike Should I Buy? Calculator Feedback

December 31, 2011
Hey there, Just a quick update regarding my what size bike do i need blog, I've been getting real nice positive feedback regarding my new feature, the 'what kind of bike should I buy?' calculator. Try it out, give it a whirl a couple of times in fact. But don't forget to bookmark my blog, cause you are going to want to check out my future updates…believe me, I've got some other rad stuff planned too 🙂 Again, love the feedback, so keep that coming and I'll talk to you soon – Skippy

What Kind of Bike Should I Buy – Calculator

December 20, 2011
Drum roll please…..I'm proud to announce that I just put the finishing touches on my website's ( What Size Bike Do I Need ) newly released What Kind of Bike Should I Buy calculator.

The calculator requests some basic bike information from you, how often you will ride, where you will ride, etc, then creates a personalized Bike Riding Profile for you. Part of the profile matches your profile to your best suited kinds of bikes. I hope the what kind of bike should I buy calculator is a tool that proves to be very beneficial for those looking to buy a new bike soon, but are looking for good, unbiased information. (I know, I went through this two years ago when I researched much of the info I'm putting on my website). Once you know what kind of bike to buy, then you can truly answer what size of bike do I need.

Enjoy!!! – Skippy

What Size Bike Do I Need? First calculate: What kind of bike should I buy?

December 20, 2011
So, shopping for a bike, but having difficulty finding out what size bike do I need?

Actually, the first step is to answer what kind of bike should I buy, and my new calculator makes it easy! Simply enter your information, click submit, and you are good to go. I've got to go ride soon, so I'm keeping this short and sweet, bye for now.

– Skippy

Sorry what size bike do I need folks, I’ve been slacking!!!

December 16, 2011
I just have to shake my head in shame! You wanted to know what size bike do I need, but where have I been? Not answering that question, that's for sure.

Okay, I'm on track, I'm committed again, so here goes: I'm going to have another update out by this Sunday, oh just remembered, I have appts on Fri pm, Sat pm, Sun am….., NO, no more slacking! I'll have an update out by Sun pm, promise. Happy? 🙂

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